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The classroom environment can be a challenging place for a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD). .... With your support, kids with ADHD can use homework time not only for math problems or writing essays, but also for practicing the organizational and study skills they need to thrive in the
Check to see that your child is organized for school and that finished homework is packed in his book bag — and that the bag is placed by the front door. – Praise your child's efforts. Some kids benefit from a token system: When your child finishes his homework on time, add a star to a chart. The stars can then be redeemed
Need some help establishing a homework strategy? Learn how readers use snacks, accountability, and a clear workspace to motivate their children with ADHD.
Assign the right amount of homework. Some students with ADD work slowly and become easily frustrated. Assigning only the odd-numbered math problems lets a child demonstrate what he has learned without pushing him too hard. By assigning homework that is neither too difficult nor too time-consuming, teachers
Homework assignments can overwhelm and frustrate students with ADHD who struggle with executive functions, focus, and organization. Here, find study tips for kids with attention deficit.
ADHD and Homework Time. by Glenn Hefley. A child with ADHD requires consistency in their life. We see this in every document and guide regarding ADHD children. A regular routine in their lives helps them with concentration and brings down distraction levels. Homework is no exception. There are a number of other tips
Simple homework tips for kids with ADD, ADHD, and 504 plans. Take the right steps at the beginning of the school year and keep homework hassles to a minimum.
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All kids rush through homework once in a while so they can get to the things they'd rather be doing. But for kids with ADHD, rushing can be an ongoing challenge that results in sloppy, incorrect or incomplete work. Problems with executive functioning are often to blame. They can affect everything from how long a child can

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